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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions, or feel free to ask one of your own. 

Image by Avinash Kumar

Allergy Concerns?

Our Chocolate chips are manufactured on the same processing lines as almonds, and we use eggs. 


Dietary Restrictions?

One of our most asked questions, and one we are actively working on answering. In the near future, we hope to accommodate those with gluten free / Vegan diets.


Cookie Dough?

All of our cookie dough is made from scratch in the same kitchen we bake it fresh in. We use a homemade recipe that has been perfected for 7 years to give a crisp, caramelly outside and a soft, chewy inside.


We started out of Werth Tower at UCONN, where the first underground cookie was shared with friends in October of 2019.  With tons of support and interest, we've grown to the fully developed bakery and catering company we are today.

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